I Struggle: It’s Just About… Life

the struggle

I struggle.

I struggle all the time. Struggles with emotions, family, finances, work. I get knocked down every day. I know I am not alone. Sometimes you don’t want to keep pushing or moving forward, you simply want to stand still, go back, or just lie down.

A friend said to me recently that with all I blog about, it appears everything must be “going great”. Not even close. But the point is I am trying to do something about it. I appreciate the comment though because it’s an interesting perception. This is life. If I had the magic bullet to make every day work out perfectly and life to be one long joy-ride where nothing ever went wrong, no one died too soon, relationships always worked out, money was literally flowing into the bank and work was a breeze – then I should be given some kind of “greatest life ever” award.

But I do have a plan and I am on a journey. And if most of us are standing at the bottom of the mountain and looking up at the top – thinking I am never going to get there, it looks too steep, too far away, the climb is too hard – then what I am trying to accomplish is that climb and I’ve found a rope and a pickaxe to get me there, and you can too.

It’s all I’ve been reading, listening to, working on, the actions I am taking daily and the love and service I try to share. It’s not always perfect nor am I. I make mistakes, but I keep working at it, I refuse to give up or give in and I know the smallest of steps over time make the biggest difference. It’s the compound effect and maybe the most important factor in all of this, despite the challenges and the adversity I face, we face, every day, is this one single thing – I believe in myself. I’ve got my WHY and I’m not turning back. No matter what.

The ammunition I use to get through each day, each week, each month and the years begins with that foundation. Examples I turn to are this blog, now more than 330 posts strong with more than 70,000 participants.  An invitation and a place on Huffington Post (the times when I utilize it). The Sunday Series – more than 40 stories of courage, hope and inspiration, shared with the world. A #1 Best-Selling book on Amazon. Invitations to speaking engagements to help motivate and inspire. My participation in a mastermind group with three other men who are now like brothers to me. My friendships. The growth of my financial planning practice – and the deepening relationships with those I serve through that practice and with those I co-workers with whom I choose to partner. My recognition now, in the present, for work I did nearly 20 years ago as an Emmy-Award winning TV producer. My volunteer work as a Board member the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and lastly, but actually at the top of the list – my family’s current good health, my children’s academic success and their personal growth and the loving support of my wife.

I struggle every day. But the point I am trying to make is the struggle is worth it. The snapshot of the past two years in the paragraph above, at least for me, proves it. But you have to believe. I have to believe. I have a plan and it includes little disciplines every day, reading, writing, listening, sharing, love, service and caring. What’s so easy to do is also easy not to do. Every time I read, I write, I speak, or I serve, life changes sometimes in completely minuscule ways, but the compound effect of those changes over time makes a huge difference. I know it because I am living it.

What are your struggles? How do you overcome? What is living proof of those accomplishments?

This blog is just part of  what I am learning and sharing to become better by helping others to do the same. To help myself and so many more deal with the struggle of life. It is working. To positively impact the lives of a billion people. Some people are amazed by that mission, some laugh, some think I’m crazy, some could care less. It’s all OK. It’s all part of the journey. It’s part of my plan to deal with the challenges life throws at me every day and to leave a legacy to stand for all time.

I struggle. I believe. I am making a difference.

Until next time, thanks for taking the time.

Mark Brodinsky, Author, Blogger, Financial Services

The #1 Amazon Best-Seller: It Takes 2: Surviving Breast Cancer: A Spouse’s Story

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Let’s Go Crazy: It’s Just About… Life

go crazy

If you want to reach the higher shelves in life, then you must stand on the books you read. – Jim Rohn

Time and time again this proves to be right on target, especially when those books help educate, motivate and inspire you with great ideas and just as importantly spur you into action. We all need help because we can only think of so many ideas, and too many times those thoughts can actually get in your way if they go south, because if your thinkin’ is stinkin’ – so is your life.

A good book talks to you and makes you talk to yourself – so now you can listen and feed your mind with words and encouragement to help you reach your potential. Currently I am reading The Carpenter, (http://jongordon.com/carpenter/), one of the newest books by author John Gordon and this excerpt I am about to share with you made me stand up and take notice, made me want to go crazy:

“If you are not crazy enough to declare what you want to achieve and receive, then you aren’t crazy enough to succeed. I don’t know if you’ve realized this or not, but you have to be a little crazy to be a big success. Throughout history every genius and great idea has been deemed crazy by those who were too ‘normal’ to see and understand the ‘crazy’ person’s vision. Small minds can’t understand big dreams. You have to be a little crazy to want to attempt it, (to do what has yet to be done), knowing that failure is very likely. And now you have to be a little crazy in your thoughts and beliefs about the future. Don’t get normal. Stay crazy.”

Talk to yourself, don’t just listen to your thoughts. Go bold. Dream big. Never settle for less. Go crazy.

Until next time thanks for taking the time,
Mark (Still crazy after all these years)

Mark Brodinsky, Author, Huffington Post Blogger, Financial Services

The #1 Amazon Best Seller: It Takes 2. Surviving Breast Cancer: A Spouse’s Story

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The Sunday Series @ One Year – A Book?


A year of stories. A year of courage, hope and inspiration. A year that is just the beginning. A book? More on that in a moment.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time reminiscing here – just a moment to reflect and to thank all of those who agreed to participate because Sunday has become the most fulfilling day of the week. Now mind you we are not at 52 posts, there have been 44 Sunday Series, but a calendar year has passed since my first Sunday Series. There have been some weeks I didn’t post, stories which for whatever reason fell apart, interviews that couldn’t be done at the last second because of circumstances, both the interviewees and my own. Sometimes life gets in the way…after all the other half of this blog is called, It’s Just About… Life, right?

Now as a tribute I could easily post the links to all 44 Sunday Series so far right on this page, but I won’t. You will have to wait for the book. At least that’s my idea right now, to turn this Sunday Series into my next book – Courage, Hope & Inspiration: The Sunday Series, with Mark Brodinsky. I’ve mentioned this idea out loud a few times, I believe it possible and I have an action plan I am creating… sometimes that’s all it takes, it can be just that simple. In my mind, and I hope yours, I believe it a worthwhile endeavour to share other people’s stories with the world and make them permanent inside the pages of a book. I think around the time we get to 50 posts on the Sunday Series would be a good time to start – maybe even before.

Understand I will need help, support (editing, graphic artist work, printing assistance, maybe even crowd funding) and permission from those inside these stories to agree to be part of the book, but I believe together we can create something special, something unique, something to stand for all time. The stories on this Sunday Series deserve such a showcase for others to be inspired by those who overcome, fight to survive, live through trying times, or are living their purpose.

But at the one year mark I figure it most appropriate to reprint the first Sunday Series – after all you never forget your first.  More thought and detail on a book idea in the weeks and months to come – for now, thank you for the inspiration and the honor of sharing your stories with the world. Now a look back at the very first Sunday Series: Ian’s Story. Please click the link below:

Until next time, thanks for taking the time

Mark Brodinsky, Author, Blogger, Financial Services
The #1 Amazon Best-Seller: It Takes 2. Surviving Breast Cancer: A Spouse’s Story (http://www.spouses-story.com/)
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Ouch!: It’s Just About… Life

failing forward

We all fail sometimes. The question is in which direction?

Fail and fall back and never get up, or fail forward, learn the lesson and get going. It’s not always easy since mistakes, lack of judgment and the like can be easy to do and harder to get back up from. The challenge is not to make the same mistake twice. The challenge is to get up and move forward and make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

John C. Maxwell wrote an entire book on the subject, Failing Forward, how mistakes are stepping-stones to success, that the not-talked-about, terrible truth is that all roads to achievement lead through the land of failure. So much success from so much failure.

It can happen in all facets of life from health, to wealth, to relationships. The idea then is to not repeat the same mistakes, to take better care of yourself, to take charge of responsibilities and to mend the fences of human interaction, since relationships are the foundation of everything.  No one is perfect. Perfection is an illusion, but success is not. The road to richness in life is paved with speed bumps and potholes. The trick is not to fall in too deep, or to get stuck where there seems to be no way out and to get back on track. Trust in the process in business, in family… in life.

It comes from words and from actions. Ideas and visions are wonderful, but there is no substitution for implementation. Even the smallest step is a move in the right direction.  What sometimes seems to be the most insignificant activity, the smallest gesture, over time can lead to massive results.

Fail?  Then learn. At least you did something, the question you must then ask yourself is was it the right thing? If not, how can you do better next time? Analysis, not paralysis, will lead you to take the next step, the right step. You can’t afford to go back, only to move forward, even if it’s failing forward that gets you to where you eventually want to go.

Keep on the journey.

Until next time, thanks for taking the time.


Mark Brodinsky, Author, Blogger, Financial Services

The #1 Amazon Best-Seller: It Takes Two. Surviving Breast Cancer: A Spouse’s Story


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