Breaking Good: It’s Just About… Life


There is nothing wrong with supporting a good cause. In fact, we all need a cause. We’re all here because of something, to do something, to share something, the great challenge is to figure out what that something is.

Without a cause, without a purpose we are going somewhere, we just don’t know where — and that’s a tough road. We all need to accomplish something while we’re here. What’s the point if you die with  with the most toys, or the most money, because you can’t take it with you, but you can leave something behind. That something is the one thing you gave to the world which made an impact, which touched other lives; it’s why you are loved, why you are remembered. For you, what is that thing? Think about it.

For my friend Rich Polt, I can already think of nearly 100 reasons why he is on the right path to leaving something of meaning behind. Rich has a website and a mission called Talking Good. With all transparency I was featured as one of the nearly 100 articles he has written on that site which is gaining worldwide recognition. it was a proud day, but I am only 1-in-100 – and I’m sure way beyond that number.

Rich has learned the key in life is to give, then receive. So when Rich sent a message yesterday to ask those who have been featured on Talking Good to share his most recent story in advance of his 100th feature, I was happy to do so. Again, give first, then earn the right to ask. Rich is taking his “something” to new heights.

His latest feature is a surprising one and an even better one for those who might be a fan of one of the most celebrated TV series in recent memory, and it all happened by accident. So give yourself a five minute break and click on the first link below, it’s bad and it’s good all at the same time. You’ll see….

(More of Lauren’s story):

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The Sunday Series (42), with Mark Brodinsky


There is no doubt words have power. Whether written or spoken words can create feelings, emotions, change thoughts and change lives. The reason…because we all share something simple, yet deep – the human experience.

The Sunday Series (42): Only Human

We all have a choice to make, we can live life, or let life slip by without ever really being aware of what was possible. Life presents challenges even to those among us who seem to have it all – there are always struggles. Never make the mistake of comparing your back stage to someone’s front stage, for you have no idea what is really behind the curtain. Comparison is the thief of all joy.

This morning, it’s not a story, it’s simply about words. In this case the spoken word, or a song, which when you realize the challenges we all face, I believe each one can make a difference in your life. Words which are written down as in books, magazines, newspapers, blogs and the like become permanent because you can go back to reference them again and again. Spoken words as well are recorded and become a place to turn to harness inspiration. The key then becomes to turn that inspiration into motivation and into action.

The human experience is shared, so why not turn to another human when looking for a lesson, a way to overcome, a word, or words which can move you to make a change, or to stay the course if necessary. We are all in this together and all the great thoughts, great words and direction for great action have been recorded in some form and are at your fingertips. The golden staff of knowledge, wisdom, the one phrase or message which can literally turn your life on a dime is right there in front of you. The secret: to be aware, to listen, to search and to find. Treasures are everywhere.

There are links to three videos below:  If you have a little more than ten minutes this Sunday, (or any day you want to click on them, they are permanently here on this blog remember), I believe they can truly help.

The first video is about what it’s like to fight for what you want, to find your why. Learn who you are, what you are all about and realize that we are all in this thing called life together – and you have the power to make life all it can be:

The second video is truly the essence of personal growth, it’s so simple, yet so profound that once you listen you will realize this could be the beginning of something big for you. It has for me:

The third video is a song, one which reminds us all that no matter what, there is one thing you do that can change your life and the lives of others every day you are here:

I hope they make your Sunday special.

Until next time, thanks for taking the time.


Mark Brodinsky, Author, Blogger, Financial Services

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A Beautiful Grind: It’s Just About… Life

orioles celebrate 2014

We won’t stop. No way.

I was 4-years-old the last time the Orioles celebrated the milestone of clinching their division on their home field. I missed that one, still in the Single “A” division of my life. This time, I got to party like it was 1969. We all did. And hopefully you didn’t come late to the party, because you really have missed the best part – every game leading up to this point. This is baseball at it’s best and why it is simply the best game ever. And it’s OK if you don’t get it yet — there are plenty of people living in this town who don’t — because they have no reference point by which to compare it. But hopefully today and in the days and weeks to come, they will learn what it’s all about. It’s a beautiful grind.

You see the Facebook news feeds and pages in this community are filled with pictures and comments today about the Orioles becoming the AL Eastern Division Champs for the first time since 1997. But one comment really caught my attention because it’s raw and true. From my friend David Sigman on his FB page: “Congrats to all those children in Baltimore sixteen and under for now getting to understand the love of baseball and the Orioles.”  I hope he’s right, because if you have been along for the ride, stuck around for the grind, you get to see what it can be all about, if only you believe and never give up.

It’s not easy. Unlike any other sport – this is a day-in, day out, 6-month test of will, determination, exhaustion, exhilaration, angst, heartbreak, excitement, love and really every adjective and verb I can think of. With no clock, you actually have all the time in the world to become immersed in what this game is all about, get overwhelmed with the numbers, learn what makes your guys tick and what it means to be a baseball fan.

I love the words of former commissioner Bart Giamatti about the game of baseball – “It breaks your heart, it is designed to break your heart.” And it does so time and time again and you keep coming back for more… until it doesn’t. Until you get to experience a moment like last night, whether you were there in person, watching on TV, or listening on the radio, it’s personal. Because baseball is just like that, and there’s nothing quite like it. Somebody up there in the heavens decided to turn a game into a living, breathing version of life. Heartbreak and triumph, feelings and emotions so deep and  so raw – that can only come from those who know what it means to be a fan. And recognize what it’s like when it’s your team’s turn to shine.

pallack and i at game

Although sensational, this is no overnight sensation. And it ain’t done yet.  But now we get to rewind a bit and soak it in until the post-season. For those just, as David said, “understanding the love of baseball and the Orioles”, I hope you get on board and experience the ride. This is only one stop along the journey, but hopefully you got a good taste last night – the frenzied crowd, which while not a sellout, certainly sounded like one. The mad rush onto the field. The proud manager, a 21st century version of baseball genius, watching his guys celebrate like a proud father. The AL East flag being carried around the warning track by Adam Jones, the man who embodies the heart and spirit of this team, and just might have more fun playing this game than any man I’ve ever seen. The beer-spattered fans who stayed around to celebrate and the ones who were lucky enough to get “pied.” This is baseball, this is life.

jones and flag

Sometimes it’s tough to know whether to smile or to cry when it’s this good. And just like life the game of baseball can turn on a dime. But I do know this – this is baseball and if you soak it in and enjoy the grind – life doesn’t get much better.

buck and player

I won’t stop. I hope you won’t either.

al east division champs

Until next time, thanks for taking the time.


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2 for Tuesday: It’s Just About… Life

heart and hand

This blog won’t be 1,000 words, or 500 words… maybe 50 words.

I just wanted to share two lines I heard in the past few days that made me stop and think. I hope it does the same for you.

“Every day you miss practicing will take you one day longer to get good.”Ben Hogan, Golfing Legend

“You have to touch a heart before you can ask for a hand.”Jeremy Walsh, Simply Referable Realty, (

Until next time, thanks for taking the time.


Mark Brodinsky, Author, Blogger, Financial Services

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