His Voice: It’s Just About… Life

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It’s there for all of us. The question is do you hear it, are you truly listening?

It’s that voice telling you who you are, what you are really all about and what talent or gift you may have hidden inside you.

For 25 years Rob Commodari has been hearing this voice and last night he decided to share it with a large group of clients, friends and family. Rob called it a “humming in his heart”, using the vibration from a tuning fork to display what that voice sounds like, the hum of a higher calling, of his gift to inspire and how he wants to share this gift with others.

Rob is a realtor with The Commodari Group of Keller Williams Realty, (in Maryland), and in the past 14 years has sold more than 900 homes. Talk about inspiration, with numbers like that not only is he a leader in his industry, but think of all the lives he has touched, helping people make what is inevitably one of the biggest decisions of their lives, to buy or sell a home.

That’s his main vocation, but last night Rob wanted to make sure others understood his WHY, his passion, his purpose. It is about service, about caring, about love… in whatever you are doing. Real estate is just one way to touch other people. You can also affect them with what you learn, what you read. If you want to reach the higher shelves in life, then stand on the books you read.

How about reading 500 of them, (and still going), and the ability to “steal” an idea from every one. Create your single voice by learning from the voices of others who have served well, and in turn inspire you to find your own.

For Rob the voice he heard started with his very first book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino. Not just a book about selling, but about becoming.. because becoming more is truly what the journey of life is all about and its most revered destination. Be better than you were yesterday, and tomorrow be better than you are today. How do you do that? By learning to love yourself and helping someone else do the same for themselves along your way. As Rob said, it’s hard to share the unconditional love, until you learn to feel that same love for you.

rob 2

Rob has spoken to thousands of people across the country, other real estate offices, banks, businesses, but this time it was personal, as he wanted to let those closest to him, in his inner circle, friends, family and clients to hear his story, know his journey and understand why he is here. I know because Rob is a member of my close-knit mastermind group, along with Pete Kohlasch and Mark Pallack. We are all sharing in the journey of each other’s lives with encouragement, learning and accountability to be all that we are meant to be.

mastermind picture

But speaking to the group last night Rob admitted that for years he has struggled to have a moment just like the one he was experiencing in front of all of us – fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear which at most times is simply our innate self-doubt, the inability to go for it and to be who we were meant to be. In most of us, really all of us, the realization we are bigger than even our greatest aspirations is such an unbelievable concept our minds can’t fathom the thought. So we hold back.

Rob admitted this fear has kept him at bay, but not anymore, showing what we all need to display – vulnerability, passion, purpose, humor and a true sense of self – Rob showed everyone in the room if you simply bust through the fear, you can stand there and exclaim, this is my gift and I want to share it with you. This is who I am. I am here to inspire, I am here to help, I am here to give, whether it be to speak to large groups, or one-on-one to help someone else to figure out their why, who they are, how they can love themselves and in turn love others and live the life they were meant to live.

There will be no more silence.

Rob Commodari has found his voice.

Until next time, thanks for taking the time.

Mark Brodinsky, Author, Blogger, Speaker, Emmy Winner, USHEALTH Advisors, (www.ushagent.com/markbrodinsky)

Author: The #1 Amazon Best-Seller: It Takes 2. Surviving Breast Cancer: A Spouse’s Story

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The Sunday Series (69), with Mark Brodinsky

It’s a common fallacy. People think just because you are here, there was no trip, no roller coaster ride you took to get there. The success you have now was not part of a fierce battle for survival, it just happened. No work, no risk, no luck.

No way.

Success is born of failure. Greatness and significance in this world and in the lives of others is no accident. It doesn’t happen by chance, it happens because you had the courage to make it happen, you took risks and by doing so, inspire others to hope and to dream.

Everyone has a story.

I am Mark Brodinsky and this is The Sunday Series.

The Sunday Series (69): Measurable Greatness

misti burmeister

“What I do today is about bringing people back to life”, says Misti Burmesiter, “the life that is within them.”

It’s what Misti does now, and she is a game changer for the companies, organizations and the lives of the people she works with, but this destination is only part of her journey and a time where Misti had decided nothing was worth it.

“I came out of college and could not figure out how to be successful”, says Misti. I figured I would help a CEO at a government contractor near DC  build a business and do something meaningful to me. But four months into her job, Misti was miserable. She was doing meeting planning and detailed and mundane tasks which left her feeling like nothing mattered. She decided to do a presentation to show the company’s CEO she understood the organization and its challenges and could help to solve them. The CEO looked right at her and told her, “I don’t know what your parents had to do to deal with you, but it’s obvious you have problems with anxiety and should take medication to deal with it.”

Misti quit the next day. She says,  “I was not going to feel dead just to make a living. If I had to be dead to make a living, I might as well kill myself. I decided in that moment I wouldn’t do any work that I wasn’t empowered and inspired by.”

But inspiration can sometimes be a moving target, especially when early life had been so tough and on the day Misti quit, life wasn’t getting any easier. “I am the youngest of four children”, says Misti, “and no one could emotionally or financially support me. The day I quit I had $37.00 in my bank account and a $1,000 rent payment due. Fortunately I had two masters degrees, an undergraduate degree in kinesiology and had attended massage therapy school, so I started doing that and some personal fitness training while I figured it out.”

Figuring things out had become a way of life for Misti. Remember, it’s not where you are, it’s how you got here.

misti evolve

“I was one of those ADD kids who needed a lot of attention. I did not now how to get attention in a positive way so I would act out. I would tell teachers not to touch me, don’t put your hand on me or I’m going to punch you. I actually punched a teacher after she grabbed me in the hallway. I was in a lot of trouble in my youth, in and out of court every week, mostly for stealing.”

Misti and her siblings were not doing well where they lived in Commerce City, Colorado so she says her parents decided to caravan across the country while they looked for work; her dad as a mechanic, her mom in government jobs. Misti says, “if they didn’t find work, we kept going.  Eventually we ran out of money after crossing the Nebraska/Colorado border, so we lived in a trailer and tents for a portion of one summer and my parents got jobs that barely paid the bills. We ended up living in a tiny, itty-bitty town called Crook, Colorado.”

crook colorado

Back in Commerce City Misti had been misdiagnosed with a learning disability and was put into special education classes where the students were learning the most basic of skills, well below Misti’s capacity for comprehension. “They would tell you I had a learning disability”, she says. “I would tell you I was highly bored and not getting the attention I craved. I clearly don’t have a learning disability. I have two masters degrees and have written four books. I have some OCD and some ADD, so fortunately I can focus for long periods of time on something I care about. I didn’t care about anything when I was younger.”

But a move to the small town of Crook changed her life. Misti says, “I found a principal who believed in me, put me in normal classes and I found sports. Sports changed my life entirely. I became a three-time state champion in Shot Put and Discus and when I graduated I was named student-athlete of the year in my town. The governor of Colorado even sent me a letter to congratulate me. I thought he must have sent it to the wrong person, but as I read the letter I realized what I was doing, people were following me. I started to learn what it meant to lead.”

Lead yourself first, do it right, never give up and others will be inspired to follow.

misti pointing

Fast forward to the time after she quit her job at Nova. Misti says she did 150 informational job interviews. One-hundred and fifty!! By doing so she says she realized that the more seasoned executives she was interviewing had a common theme; they kept complaining about these young professionals and a failure to communicate with them, trouble with the back-and-forth dialogue, misperceptions and what something means to someone, which is misinterpreted by someone else. A generational gap.

Misti had found her niche.

Six years later she started to research companies which were void of generational conflict, organizations doing great work without this barrier. Think of companies like Google or Zappos. Misti says she wanted to understand what they were doing differently which naturally caused collaboration and innovation. She found these companies that debunked the myth, that innovative minds are not an “age thing”.

misti updside down

“Every person I have ever met wants to do something of value or that is valuable”, says Misti. “I did research and found companies and organizations where the employees want to do things that matter, give feedback and have opportunities to grow. I found organizations that have a clear vision, are able to communicate to the individual their opportunity to advance, where feedback is open and clear. There is a sense of community, they care about each other as people. They take risks by handing off a project to someone who doesn’t know how to do it yet, but can and will with the right support. Then the individual is empowered. And this all starts from the top.”

misti quote

Now Misti works with senior executives and CEO’s to intentionally disrupt the status quo, cause innovation and collaboration, across generations. It’s all about measurable greatness, ( http://measurablegreatness.com/). It is the concept behind VOICE, as Misti explains on her website: “Nearly every leader wants a team of highly productive, team players, who care about their work. And, the very nature of leadership begs constant improvement. But where do you begin, how do you measure it, and how do you ensure consistent progress?”  After all, the measure of life, of anyone’s life, or business is progress. Everyday.

misti talking

Misti says she plays off of her experience in life, her love of sports and her love of motion and understanding how things work, in the human body and in the human mind. “When I look at someone’s body to see where the pain is and how to handle it, it’s the same I do with a corporation”, says Misti. “If your muscles are tight, they are making you shift in one direction. Look at a company you might think your problem is turnover, or mentors. That’s not your problem, you don’t have vision, don’t communicate, others are hording or hiding information because they don’t know realize what they know, or what they do, contributes to the success of an organization.”

It comes down to a few simple concepts Misti has learned in her own life, inspiration, collaboration & communication.  Misti says, “you don’t put greatness in anyone. The greatness is already there. All you have to do is provoke it.”

Simply bring them back to life.

Misti black and white

Until next time, thanks for taking the time.

The four books authored by Misti Burmeister can be found at http://measurablegreatness.com/:

From Boomers to Bloggers: Success Strategies Across Generations
From Boomers to Bloggers: A Practical Guide for Leaders of Multi-Generational Teams
Hidden Heroes (A Memoir)
Provoking Greatness: Unleashing Hidden Potential

Mark Brodinsky, Author, Blogger, Speaker, Emmy Winner, USHEALTH Advisors

Author: The #1 Amazon Best-Seller: It Takes 2. Surviving Breast Cancer: A Spouse’s Story


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Moved: It’s Just About… Life (#400)

sophie in recital emily pitches may

“If you are moved, the audience is moved. I’ll say it again, if you are moved, the audience is moved.”
– Dr. Evan Walker, Vocal Prime, Carver Center


I was, I am and every day should begin and end like this one did. And today I get to share with post #400 on this blog.

My day truly began yesterday at 8am, watching my oldest daughter Sophie perform an Italian song at an informal recital for her Carver Vocal class, the last one before the big year-end recital next month. Twelve hours later, at 8pm, I was there to high-five my youngest daughter Emily, as she ran off the field after pitching a nearly perfect final inning in a victory for our Lutherville Rec softball team, the Tar Heels. The same team for which I help to coach.

Sometimes the universe conspires on your behalf and bookends a day like yesterday, one in which gratitude is on display in a big way and easy to grasp and to cherish. It’s not that way every day, which is why you must look for the silver lining in each day, no matter what.

Yesterday my girls made it easy, for there is nothing quite like watching your flesh and blood bring to life the journey of your own, in ways in which words are sometimes hard to come by.

Sophie and 14 of her classmates in her freshman vocal music recital performed beautifully, each one with their own unique voice and style. I have seen each recital this first year of high school and each time they get better. After all that is the end game in all of this – life is about progress every day – if you can do that –  you are living large. You must enjoy the journey, because if you can’t, then the destination is meaningless.

As Sophie’s teacher Dr. Evan Walker explained, it’s not whether these students become vocal stars or go on to singing careers, it’s whether they can master the discipline, focus, dedication and ability to work independently, so that no matter what they chose to do in life they will be successful. If you can bring those traits to any career then you will be great and others will want to work with you. You will be a leader.

The lesson for Sophie: keep practicing, stay focused and watch the compound effect help her to blossom, with her talent and with her life.

As one of Emily’s coaches we teach the girls skills, the right attitude and the fire to compete. Softball, (baseball), is the sport most like life, so if you can learn to handle the failure associated with the game, then you can battle back against the curve balls which life will inevitably throw your way. After having her worst game of the season on Saturday, Emily came back last night to play again and drive in two big runs with a clean single up the middle and pitch a nearly perfect final inning to shut down the other team and end the game.

The lesson for Emily: it’s all about how you get back up when you’re down. Live to fight another day, because in each day a new game begins.

The lesson for me: cherish every moment.  And be moved.

sophie recital 2 emily at bat

Until next time, thanks for taking the time.


Mark Brodinsky, Author, Blogger, Speaker, Emmy Winner, USHEALTH Advisors

Author: The #1 Amazon Best-Seller: It Takes 2. Surviving Breast Cancer: A Spouse’s Story

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Spread The WHY: It’s Just About… Life


Business concept. Isolated on white

For every single one of us it’s terminal.  There will be an end, we just don’t know when. This terminal condition is called LIFE. And if you are lucky you recognize this, because there is only one way to fight back the inevitable… you have to truly live.

We all know there was a beginning and at some point there will be an end, it could be twenty years from now, it could be fifty years from now, it could be 100 years from now, or it could be tomorrow.  The inevitable of knowing at some point you are going to cross the finish line, to go there, (wherever there is for you), means you need to think very hard about why you are here.

There will be an end, so it’s time to start… to start with WHY. What is yours? What is your talent, your hidden treasure, your purpose? It’s never too late to figure this out, but it could become too late to live it. Don’t forget we all share this terminal condition called life.

So there’s this book, there’s always a book. As I have learned over the past few years, reading can change your life, especially something motivational, inspirational, or educational. You never know when one great idea will touch you, or spur you to action, or at the very least make you think a little differently about the life you are living, or the world around you. It may even make you realize you are not alone.

At the end of this week, just a few days after I left the financial services firm where I had been working the past three years, I picked up a book which had been sitting on a shelf.  It was one I ordered months ago, one of several I had purchased in one giant order, (with an Amazon gift card :)), and with the goal of making sure I continue to read at least one book a month (5 pages in the morning, 5 pages at night).  The book is called Start With Why, by Simon Sinek, (https://www.startwithwhy.com/).


And here is why I share it now. I think honesty, vulnerability and transparency are key – and if I am talking about something I should be doing my best to live it. It’s an example of how one idea can change your life, or even vindicate the change you decided to make. Here now is part of the preface to Start With Why:

When I first discovered this thing called WHY, it came at a time in my life when I needed it. It wasn’t an academic, or intellectual pursuit; I had fallen out of love with my work and found myself in a very dark place. There was nothing wrong with the quality of my work, or my job, per se; it was the enjoyment I had for the work that I’d lost. By all superficial measurements, I should have been happy. I made a good living. I worked with great clients. The problem was, I didn’t feel it. I was no longer fulfilled by my work and I needed to find a way to rekindle my passion.

The discovery of WHY completely changed my view of the world and discovering my own WHY restored my passion to a degree multiple times greater than at any other time in my life. I was such a simple, powerful, and actionable idea, that I shared it with my friends. That’s what we do when find something of value, we share with people we love. Inspired, my friends started making big life changes. In turn, they invited me to share the idea with their friends, the people they loved. And so the idea started to spread.”

It as if Simon Sinek simply beat me to the punch. He wrote it before I did, and the crazy thing is I read it after I made my change, but with the same desire and purpose in mind he speaks about in both paragraphs. It is as if I could have written the words above just last week as I made the transition from my old firm into a Field Sales Leader position with USHEALTH Advisors. It is all in line with the continuation of my mission to help other people everyday and the pursuit of my passion to write and to speak, and the ability to integrate the two, to overlap the circles of my life: to serve and to inspire others.

HOPE-Public-SKeretz-LG-0515revised headshot

It all starts with WHY.  So I ask you the questions again and encourage you to truly think about your answers: What is your WHY?  What is your talent, your hidden treasure, your purpose? What can you do better than most, and that if you did it, would not only help other people, but by doing so transform your own life?

It’s time to take the time to figure it out, because time is not on your side, not on yours not on mine. We are terminal. Don’t let life end before you decide to begin.

It all starts with WHY?

Until next time, thanks for taking the time


Mark Brodinsky, Author, Blogger, Speaker, Emmy Winner, USHEALTH Advisors

Author: The #1 Amazon Best-Seller: It Takes 2. Surviving Breast Cancer: A Spouse’s Story

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